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What is Pathway?

Pathway is a mentoring programme that helps people with unstable lifestyles, primarily but not exclusively related to drug/alcohol abuse and/or offending behaviour, to overcome the difficulties from their past and begin a new life. We have found that Pathway works well for people with depression, eating disorders or for single parents. The program offers highly personalised support through mentoring over a period of 12 to 18 months, with the aim of full recovery and a move to a stable lifestyle.

The key objective is to help clients to move away from their previous habits and peer groups and to get to know a new community of loving Christians.

Pathway is run from St Mary’s Church, having started in 2002 in response to the needs of some addicts who attended an Alpha Course run by the church.

Pathway engages two mentors for each person being helped. The mentors are all church-going Christians, most of them from St Mary’s Church. They receive support and regular supervision, as well as training, to carry out their role.

Why do Pathway?

Most of the people we help have already tried other avenues for help, particularly statutory agencies. They feel hopeless, alienated, tired and angry. We offer a very holistic service. We look at each person as an individual and discuss all the possible ways that their life could change and the things that might help such as housing needs and debt problems.

Pathway mentees are encouraged to join in with Church life at St Marys.

If you think Pathway might be able to help you or someone you know then please contact us on:

01926 778505/07811 823900

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